Parent Participation Program

Carden Arbor View School acknowledges the positive impact that an involved parent body can have upon a school and its students. Parental involvement in the school sends a message to the child that school is very important. Moreover, parent participation can create bonds between parent and child that strengthen the family unit and aid in the development of healthy, happy children. 

As part of our values based program, Carden Arbor View School strives to instill a sense of giving back to one’s community. A way to enhance this concept is through example, and the best people to set the example for our students are our parents. For this reason, we ask you to support our Parent Participation Program.

Parents give hundreds of hours to our school, from chaperoning field trips, serving food at events, setting up booths at Fall Carnival, and working the book fair, to volunteering for board or committee service. Each family is requested to participate in the program to assist Carden in fulfilling its mission and goals by contributing their time and talent to the overall operations of the school.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities with varying time commitment levels. Please review the service opportunities below and contact us should you have any questions.

Realize the kind deeds you will do will be returned to you by some other person at some other time.

Mae Carden

Committees Calendar

You teach what you are.

Mae Carden

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