Extracurricular Activities


Students are introduced to parliamentary debate where they learn critical thinking skills, research competence, reading comprehension, media and argument literacy, evidence evaluation, summarizing and outlining, and public speaking. They will prepare arguments with logical reasoning while evaluating and understanding issues from more than one perspective. Students foster sensitivity to bias, build confidence, and work together. 

The parliamentary form of debate consists of a discussion in which participants articulate, justify, and clarify their positions on an issue. In this informal debate plan, rebuttals attempt to refute statements made by the opposing side. 


Participation on the debate team requires work done outside of school, attending tournaments on 4–6 Saturdays, and weekly meetings once a week after school. Parents may need to pay a tournament fee or volunteer to be a judge. Additional information about expectations and tournament details will be shared with families at one of the first debate team meetings.


After-school sports are available to all students in grades 5–8. Teams participate in an intramural sports program with other local private schools.

Flag Football





Students in seventh and eighth grade have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Dinkelman to create our yearbook. They choose a theme, design the layout, and create parent dedication pages that will provide a lifetime of memories. 

Fall Extracurricular Activities

Kids Cooking Academy: Cooking Around the World
Fine Art Academy
Robot Building Workshop
Basketball SuperStars
Soccer Shots
French Reader's Theatre
Musical Theatre
Chess Club
Flag Football

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