Middle School

Carden Arbor View School is dedicated to providing an outstanding learning experience through all of our educational programs. Middle school students' days are spent with several teachers, each of whom is well-versed in their subject area and trained in the Carden Method of teaching.

Middle school students have a challenging eight period day, consisting of six core subjects and two center subject classes.

To better meet individual student needs, we provide additional faculty for small group instruction in all composition and mathematics classes. Supporting this rich and diverse program is a teacher who serves as an advisor to a group of ten to twelve students, meeting with their individual groups to provide guidance and support in achieving academic success.

All middle school students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, such as debate, after school sports, yearbook, and Student Council. Middle school students are expected to take an active role in the life of the school by taking advantage of one or more of these opportunities.

If you are not familiar with Miss Carden and the Carden Method, we encourage you to review the information we have prepared.

A wise boy or girl acquires enough foundation in school to equip him to pursue whichever course he may choose when he reaches adulthood.

Mae Carden